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Volunteer Requirements & Associated Costs

There are no specific volunteer requirements, and no previous qualifications or experience is required. Training is provided on site with the majority of participants able to undertake most duties with minimum supervision within a week.

Additional languages are particularly useful for communicating with tourists at the Rescue Centre and during workshops and excursions. If you have specific training in any field, work or study, or are confident with or have a particular hobby or interest (i.e. handy skills, writing, photography) then please let us know.

  • Volunteers are required to be 18 years or over at the time of their placement.
  • Enthusiasm and commitment for the protection of the natural environment is necessary.
  • A good understanding of English is essential, and potential volunteers will only be considered for participation if able to communicate in English on at least an intermediate level.
  • Applicants must carry a valid health insurance policy, or equivalent, for the duration of their placement. Proof of cover must be provided.
  • Minimum period of project placement is 2 weeks, however longer term participation is highly encouraged.
  • Participants must be prepared to work under hot summer conditions on a daily basis.
  • Flexibility is a must, as conditions or required tasks and shifts can change at short notice.
  • Volunteers must be prepared to experience communal life, living and working in shared accommodation, and operating as members of a small team.
  • The ability to live and co-operate with people of different cultures and backgrounds is essential.
  • Volunteers are trained and supervised by Project Leaders and experienced members. They must be prepared to participate in every aspect of the work.
  • Duties are allocated on a weekly rota and may include working throughout the night or long hours during the day.
  • Volunteers are expected to behave in a civil and responsible manner at all times, whether on or off duty. Unsociable, inappropriate or risky behavior, or failing to follow the coordinators’ instructions, will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the project.

It is essential that you accurately evaluate your own ability to meet the conditions detailed below in order to safeguard your health and safety, and ensure that you can participate fully and effectively. The following are a list of conditions you need to be aware of and to consider before committing to the project:

  • While there are no extreme physical conditions or psychological demands, you should be confident enough to walk at least 3-5 km (2-3 miles) of beach and/or uneven forest trails for up to 3 hours at a moderate pace.
  • You must have good night vision; you will be walking with very limited light and/or a red light during night time patrols.
  • You must be able to wake up early and carry a 2.5 kg (5 lb) pack – backpacks are used to carry the team’s field equipment – while walking on sand and forest paths.
  • Phobias to snakes and insects will pose a problem, although encounters with snakes in the wild are unlikely.
  • If you are allergic to insect bites, bees or wasps please come prepared with appropriate medication or epi-kit.
  • To avoid dehydration and other heat related conditions, you are advised to stay hydrated and monitor your own wellbeing.
  • Minor injuries or scrapes due to falls or tripping over obstacles on unsealed paths can occur while working.
  • Allergies or phobias to domestic pets will be problematic. There are resident domestic and farm animals living in and around the volunteer accommodation.
  • Volunteers will spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, often exposed to the elements. Appropriate skin and sun protection is highly recommended.
  • Temperatures in the height of summer – July and August – can go beyond the average highs of 40°C (104°F). If you are sensitive to heat or strong sun, consider participating on the project outside of peak season.
  • Submission of a medical clearance form is required from all volunteers wishing to participate on the project.

Associated Costs

For a small fee we provide pre and post-arrival orientation, accommodation, bed linen and towels, and transportation to and from the airport (normally €40 one way).

2 Weeks €400
3 Weeks €550
4 Weeks €675
5 Weeks €815
6 Weeks €930
7 Weeks €1050
8 Weeks €1150
9 Weeks €1275
10 Weeks €1400
11 Weeks €1525
12 Weeks €1625

Please note: volunteer pricing doesn’t include food and cooking (we suggest you estimate €5 to €15 per day), but it does provide modest kitchen facilities.