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How you can help

There are many ways we can contribute to a healthier beach for our turtles

On the Beach

  • Avoid visiting beaches before 7:00 am and after 7:00 pm
  • Refrain from adding artificial light to the beaches at night (it can confuse the turtles)
  • Don’t remove sand or wild flowers from the beach or sand dune area
  • Wash the sand off of your body and belongings at the center near Gerakas Beach (we will return it at the end of the season!)
  • Remove any potential obstacles for turtles (eg. sand castles, holes)
  • Give clearance to any turtle nests
  • Avoid using beach umbrellas which can crush turtle shells buried in the sand
  • Don’t touch turtles, interrupt turtles that are nesting, or handle hatchlings making their way to the water

Eco friendly travel options


  • Consider choosing a catamaran tour instead of a boat with a motor which may injure sea turtles
  • Avoid tour operators that advertise sea turtle spotting. The methods used to get the turtles to surface can disorient and harm them
  • Visit beaches that are not turtle nesting sites during nesting season
Zante Zakynthos sea turtle hatching in the sand