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This information centre has been designed to help inform visitors about the wildlife of the area with interesting and informative displays. The centre is built 100 meters from Gerakas beach, a popular nesting beach for turtles.

The beaches of Zakynthos represent the largest nesting rookery of the Loggerhead turtle in the Mediterranean. Every year, many dead and injured sea turtles wash up all around Zakynthos. Earth, Sea & Sky are a Zakynthian NGO registered in the UK and are currently working to create a sea turtle rescue station with the help of the Sea Life centres of Europe.

The founder Yiannis Vardakastanis has lived all his life in Gerakas and for many years has been passionately fighting for the preservation of the Zakynthian flora and fauna. The Rescue Station is a dream of Yiannis who wishes to help the animals with which he was raised around as well as helping visitors understand and enjoy the island’s beautiful and sensitive wildlife.

By his side, the Danish project manager, Jonna Pedersen, is running the centre and the project. Coming from a background with animal management and conservation she has moved to Zakynthos to help the endangered sea turtles.

In order to visit Gerakas and Turtle rescue centre, take a short bus or taxi journey from your accommodation or ask your tour operator for details of their organised visits. Full car park facilities available.