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When you donate to the Mediterranean Marine Life Center, your donated funds are used to run our year-round programs that support our mission of protecting the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle population on Zakynthos. Since being founded in 1991 we have worked tirelessly to research, monitor, and protect the sea turtles and other wildlife on the island.

This summer we will:

  • Report turtle nesting data on Gerakas Beach
  • Clean and monitor Gerakas Beach and the surrounding area
  • Educate the thousands of visitors who visit Gerakas each day
  • Operate our recycling program, one of the only on Zakynthos
  • Collect data to publish an annual report on human impact on Gerakas’s wildlife
  • Continue to develop our erosion-intervention methods, such as the sand-saving shower system you can see outside
  • Continue to develop alternatives to beachgoing to reduce human impact on Gerakas during nesting season, such as the eco-beach located above the snack bar next door
  • Welcome over 30 volunteers from all over the world

We are supported financially by donors and money raised from our gift shop and snack bar. All donations go directly to further our mission. Donations are tax deductible in the USA and donors will receive regular updates throughout the season on the state of Gerakas Beach.