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What to do if you see a turtle

Adult turtles

Do not crowd or disturb them when they are in the water or on land. If turtles become stressed they can drop all of their eggs which, if fertilised, will diminish any chance of the eggs producing any hatchlings.

On land, if they are disturbed during their nesting process they can abandon the nesting process entirely.

Zante Zakynthos Sea Turtle Swimming near Gerakas Beach


If you come across any hatchlings leaving their nest give them space as they need to make their own undisturbed journey to the sea without any human interference. This helps build their strength so that when they make it to the sea they will be able to swim rather than drown.

Do not pick up hatchlings and put them in the sea, you may think that you are helping them but they need the journey from the nest to the sea to energise and wake their muscles so that when they reach the sea they have enough strength to begin their long journey. This journey is crucial so make sure that it is undisturbed or they will likely perish.