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Keep up to date with the Zante Turtle Center

Due to a high number of applications for our 2024 volunteer program we only have space for volunteers in August, September and October. Please do not apply for the beginning of the season in May, June or July as your application will not be considered. Keep a look out for our 2025 volunteer application announcements later this year!

We are grateful for everyone who has applied to our 2024 volunteer program and look forward to working with many people from all over the world this summer! Whilst we are still open to applications for our entire volunteer season from May to October, we are beginning to reach capacity for the months of May, June and July, and do not have many spaces left. Applicants will stand the best chance of securing a space with us in August, September or October. If you haven’t already applied and would like to volunteer with us this year then please head over to our volunteer section!

We are excited to announce that we have begun recruiting volunteers for our 2024 turtle season! If you would like to become a volunteer and get involved please head over to the volunteer section of our website for more information and fill out an application. We are now beginning the process of active recruitment, so all applications will be processed in the next few weeks. Please note we are not offering our conservation internships. Any questions please email us!

As we get ready to open our turtle center’s doors to the 2024 season on the 1st April, we have been busy making some big changes! This summer come and see our terrapins and tortoises, our free entry information center to learn about the turtles of Zakynthos, and our newly renovated rooftop bar with a view of Gerakas Beach and the Mediterranean Sea! We look forward to welcoming and educating many visitors this turtle season!